EXPO Clean 2017 – JIEXPO – www.pasprima.com (alat cleaning supplier)

23 – 25 March 2017


New feature is launched in EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY 2017, as the show gears up for business. Covering most comprehensive subjects on cleaning and laundry sectors, the new feature focuses on hospital laundry.

Collaborating with Indonesian Hospitals Association – PERSI, EXPO LAUNDRY organize “Hospital Laundry” Seminar during the show to present most important topics in selecting, evaluating hospital laundry and hospital commercial laundry, good practice in hospital laundry, benchmark and best practice hospital commercial laundry through experience sharing. The objective of the Hospital Laundry Seminar is to highlight the importance of laundry in hospital operation, as it involves hygiene and sanitation at highest level to prevent spread of diseases and contamination.

This initiative is also supported by (Indonesia Laundry Profession Association) – APLI with common vision to enhance the laundry sector compatibility, standard and quality at no compromise.

EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY continuously strive for better level, content and value delivered to all stakeholders. The show is evolving to be Indonesia International Modern Cleaning and Textile Care Exhibition to cater to ever-growing demand of the sectors.

Latest from the Organiser’s desk is the SHOW PREVIEW, a sneak peek of what will you find in EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY 2017. Focus on Industry, Focus on the Business. Block your calendar now to attend: 23 – 35 March 2017 at the Jakarta International Expo.

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See you in EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY 2017.

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